Volunteer Services

Southwestern Medical Center’s volunteers contribute many hours of service and financial assistance to the facility. They supplement the services of the hospital staff in many ways and can be identified by their name tags.

Southwestern Medical Center’s volunteers are located at the front entrance of the facility. They welcome our visitors with a warm greeting and offer assistance to each visitor if needed. The volunteers provide a variety of assistance to the patients and visitors at Southwestern Medical Center. They personally deliver letters, packages, flowers, and newspapers to patients each morning. They also provide tote bags, crossword puzzles, baby banners, blankets, baby caps and booties.

The volunteers operate Southwestern Medical Center’s gift shop. Gift items, greeting cards, and snacks are available in the gift shop. Also, decorative items, jewelry, clothing, baby toys and clothing. The gift shop is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Would you like to make a difference? Here’s a fantastic way to do so! Come volunteer – as little or as much – at Southwestern Medical Center! We have a group of about 45 men and women of all ages who help in so many different ways….from assisting families in surgery waiting, running our wonderful gift shop, being at the front information desk to help patients and visitors, and many more! The volunteers also provide a $5,000 dollar scholarship for Medical Students each year.

Volunteer application is simple, you are trained for your position, you meet and fellowship with wonderful volunteers and employees, you enjoy a free meal for every 3 hours of work….and the list of benefits goes on and on! Please consider joining our great team and make a difference…in someone’s life and YOUR OWN!!!! Interested? Contact the Director of Volunteers Services at 580-531-4733.

Volunteer Opportunities at Southwestern Medical Center

By giving your services so generously, you are a necessary and very important member of our health care team. You provide a very warm and friendly atmosphere in our busy medical center while, at the same time, assist our staff in delivering high quality healthcare. You are also a very important link between the hospital and the communities we serve. It is our hope that you will gain satisfaction from your volunteer work, encouraged by the fact that your time and efforts are greatly appreciated by the hospital staff and, most importantly, by our patients and their families.

Volunteer Philosophy & Mission Statement

The Volunteer Services department of Southwestern Medical Center is dedicated to providing qualified, well-trained volunteers for appropriate placement in a variety of areas throughout the hospital. Volunteers contribute to the services which add to the comfort, care, and well-being of the patients, their families, the staff, the visitors, and the community. Volunteers assist in supplementing the basic essential services and help the hospital to meet its needs in providing courteous, compassionate, cost-effective patient care. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience the reward of giving of one’s self. Volunteer Services prohibits discrimination based upon age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or disability status.

Volunteer Assignments

Use your unique talents to rise to the challenge by becoming a Southwestern Medical Center Volunteer:

In our Gift Shop…

where volunteers sell flowers and gift items to patients, visitors, and employees, serve as cashiers, or help serve our guests.

At our Patient Information Desk…

where volunteers give out information, directions and warm greetings to our visitors.

On our Patient Care Units…

where volunteers deliver mail, newspapers, and flowers, assist and act as messengers and transporters, and provide gifts and sundries from the Gift Shop.

In our Surgery Waiting Area…

where volunteers are a vital link between surgery, recovery, and the family members, and provide hospital information and a listening ear to friends and family members.

Volunteers at your Service…

where volunteers stand ready to escort/transport patients to their rooms, outpatient testing areas, and Same Day Surgery.

In Same Day Surgery…

where the volunteers provide Huggy Bears, crayons and coloring books to all children before or after surgery.

In our ICU/CCU Waiting Area…

where volunteers serve as a hospitality hostess for families waiting in this area.

In our Emergency Department…

where volunteers provide supportive assistance to patients, families, and the Emergency Department staff.

Courtesy Volunteer Escort…

where volunteers take patients, family members, and visitors to and from the various hospital departments.

Or perhaps…

one of the several other assignments will be just for you. If you have a special skill or interest to share, like clerical, computer, or craft skills, let us know. A personalized interview will be scheduled to help determine what position will be best suited for you.

Teen Volunteer Program

Specially trained teenagers, through our teen volunteer program, also serve in many capacities, throughout the hospital.

As one of approximately 250 hospital volunteers, you can become a part of a larger healthcare team striving to provide the best possible healthcare to our patients. As a volunteer, you can contribute to the services which add to the comfort, care, and well-being of patients, their families, the staff, visitors, and the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you wish to apply for a volunteer position at SWMC, or for more information you may call 580-531-4733.