Nuclear Medicine is a specialty of medical imaging that uses radioactive isotopes pharmaceuticals to diagnosis and treats certain diseases. With safety as the top priority, radioactive isotopes are combined with other chemicals or medicines for administration.

Nuclear Medicine Services include: heart scans, muga scans, bone scans, thyroid uptake and scan, parathyroid scan, lung scan and renal scan.

Nuclear medicine is unique because it can provide information about both structure and function, without surgery. The images can often identify abnormalities very early in the process of a disease. Whether used to diagnosis or treat medical problems, the small amount of radioactive materials are targeted directly to the organ being treated. The amount of radiation in a typical procedure is comparable with that received during a diagnostic x-ray.

With new and innovative nuclear medicine treatments being developed, targeting and pinpointing molecular levels within the body, it is revolutionizing the approach to a vast range of diseases and conditions.