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Behavioral Health

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Children’s Program

The decision to hospitalize a child is difficult and usually made after all other options have failed. Our children’s program (ages 4-11) recognizes emotional and behavioral problems do not develop overnight and positive changes take time. We use The Zones of Regulation which is designed to build awareness, teach skills to self-regulate emotions, and help each child accomplish his/her goals. We place a strong emphasis on intense family and individual therapy. The children benefit from additional art therapy and other structured therapeutic activities.

Adolescent Program

For some adolescents, the teen years are over-whelming and difficult. Depression, suicidal behavior, and confrontations with parents and authorities can become routine to some. Our adolescent unit program (ages 12-17) focuses on self-awareness, anger management, grief issues, family dynamics, self-esteem, and recognition of accomplishments. Individual and family sessions are strongly encouraged to help strengthen family relationships and teach healthy skills. This program also incorporates art therapy and other structured therapeutic activities.

Adult Program

Our adult program is an acute, short-term program for adults ages 18 and older, with a psychiatric diagnosis, who are in need of a safe, structured, therapeutic environment 24 hours a day. This treatment program focuses on rapid stabilization and quality treatment in a secure and comfortable environment. Our program is designed to quickly return clients to their optimal level of functioning outside of this setting. Similar to our other programs, the adult unit also incorporates art therapy and other structured therapeutic activities.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

The outpatient services at Southwestern Behavioral Health Center offer follow up medication management from inpatient stay by health care providers who specialize in psychiatry.

Referrals & Assessments

Individuals or referral sources with questions about our psychiatric programs may contact our 24-hour assessment service to speak with trained staff about treatment options. Services include free and confidential screenings for inpatient level of care.

When mental health or challenging behaviors become unmanageable for you or a loved one, call on Southwestern Behavioral Health Center. We pledge to treat you and your family with respect and dignity in a setting that is both safe and confidential.

For more information on our services, or to inquire about our 24-hour assessment service, please call 580-536-0077 or 888-536-6302.