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Inpatient Surgery


We encourage patients to discuss any questions or concerns about the procedure with their surgical team prior to operation. It is also important to provide information about medications, including prescriptions and over-the-counter, and any vitamins or supplements you are taking or have taken recently.

Some other important information to discuss with your surgical team includes:

  • Any food or drug allergies
  • Any diet restrictions
  • Any jewelry/clothing restrictions
  • Any physical restrictions after the procedure and the time frame for when they will be lifted



Patients should arrange transportation for arrival and departure. Loved ones are encouraged to stay during the procedure in one of our designated waiting areas.

On the day of operation, patients should follow all instructions given by their surgical team prior to arriving. After arrival, patients will be asked to read and sign a consent form.


The informed consent document covers how the procedure is performed, what the risks of the procedure are and your rights as a patient. Patients should read over the information thoroughly and ask questions if they need help understanding any part of it. Without a patients informed consent the procedure cannot take place. Patients should not sign the consent form if they do not agree with any part of it.



After surgery, our highly qualified staff monitors patient recovery. They will ask about pain levels, record patient vitals, check incisions and disperse medications. Physicians will also make routine visits to inquire about recovery. Patients are encouraged to share any concerns or discomfort as soon as possible.

After discharge patients will be scheduled for follow-up appointments. Some surgery will require physical or occupational therapy as part of the recovery process.