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Southwestern Medical Center’s rehabilitation services promote recovery in patients suffering from physical, occupational and speech related difficulties. To inquire about Southwestern Medical Center’s rehabilitation services please call 580-531-4903.

The caring and committed staff consists of a board-certified neurologist and fully licensed and accredited team of nurses. Patients will work with trained professionals to create a therapy plan focused on individual needs and goals.

Patients may be seen on an acute inpatient or outpatient basis depending on individual therapy needs.


Physical therapy focuses on treating physical abnormalities, to include reduced range of motion, inflammation, pain and stiffness. Physical therapy is beneficial in assisting patients recovering from surgery, suffering from joint illness and seeking to regain mobility after injury. Physical therapists may use exercise, massage and ice/heat methods during care.


Occupational therapy focuses on assisting those affected by illness, injury or disability in completing day-to-day tasks despite limitations. Occupational therapists introduce patients to modifications helpful in achieving independent personal care, increased mobility, or improved cognitive skills. Occupational therapists may also assist patients to acquire adaptive equipment.


Speech-language therapy provides care, comfort and support to patients struggling with communication, memory, comprehension and consumption of food or drink. Patients recovering from illness or injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis, may benefit from speech-language therapy.

Southwestern Medical Center’s rehabilitation program is proud to have received the fifth, consecutive, accreditation awarded to the hospital through CARF. Southwestern is the first hospital in this area to receive a CARF accreditation. To learn more about the accreditation, visit the CARF website.