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Success Spotlight

Mikel Dodson

Mikel was active in the community and enjoyed working out until he had to be admitted to a general hospital when he began to experience increasing weakness that led to several falls. He was diagnosed with cellulitis and several other conditions and he began to receive treatment before he transferred to a skilled nursing facility. Although he made a small amount of progress, Mikel was frustrated with the minimal rehabilitation he was receiving and felt that he would be able to recover more quickly with more intensive therapy. Having seen the high level of care and attention his aunt received at Southwestern Medical Center, Mikel requested to be transferred and was welcomed by a team of caregivers and therapists who developed a plan to help him return home. From the beginning, Mikel had a positive attitude and was highly motivated to recover. His therapist, Victor, didn’t hesitate to provide him with exercises to do in his room when he asked what he could do when he wasn’t in the gym. In just a few weeks with dedicated care from his team, Mikel progressed rapidly from needing maximum assistance for all his needs, to being able to stand, walk and reclaim his dignity and independence over the tasks of daily life.

“Southwestern is the best-kept secret in this area,” Mikel shared before he was discharged to return home with his wife. “There's no doubt in my mind there is no better place to be. When I arrived and met the staff I knew that I was in the right place. They never gave up on me – and always drove me to do more. The food was even good! I arrived on a Saturday, so individual therapy was not available. It meant a lot that Victor took the time to listen and understand my needs so I could recover more quickly.”